Who Is Jon D Jones?

Welcome to JonDJones.com, as you can probably guess my names Jon and I make websites for a living.  This is that page that apparently all good websites meant to have, so here goes...  although writing this page without making it sound like some sort of cheesy dating profile, is harder than it seems.  

My background in computing started when I was 7 years, board, with access to a BBC Micro and an urge to play some games rather than sit staring at a wall.  I never really thought I'd do computing as a career, but after a failed attempt to become a world-famous DJ, I.T. sounded sensible fallback plan.

After a few years as a 'professional programmer,' I wasn't really loving my career choice.  I didn't find a lot of motivation in playing office politics, brown nosing and trying to work my way up the corporate ladder.  At the time, I thought that was the only way of becoming a successful developer, and I was pretty close to doing something else, as the thought of spending the next 30 years, either sucking up or being overlooked was depressing.

Instead of quitting development although, around 2012, I decided that working for someone wasn't cut out for me and I made a decision that I'd never work for anyone else again.  So, unlike the majority of my peers, I've spent more of my career working for myself than I have been an employee.   I enjoy figuring out problems, working on cool stuff and having beers with my co-workers, but ultimately I find more motivation when I can pick the projects I work on.


It wasn't until I took responsibility for my career that things really changed for me.  After starting my own business, one of the first things I did was to start this website back in 2013.  At the time, the idea behind this site was to look good on my CV, but over time it has grown to be something a lot larger and a lot bigger than just myself.

Bands I Dig

Rolling Stones, Five Finger Death Punch, Guns N Roses, Aerosmith, Orange Goblin, Scott Sapp, Black Spiders, Evil Scarecrow, U2, LA Guns, Airbourne, Steel Panther, Fozzy, Skid Row, Motley Crew, Iron Maiden, Skindred, Metallica, The Who, Black Sabbath, KISS, Sum 41, Greenday, Disturbed, Foo Fighters, Biffy, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, White Buffalo, AC/DC, Ugly Kid Joe, Craig Charles, Cyprus Hill, System Of A Down, The Offspring, Public Enemy, Snoop, Dree, NWA, Pop Evil, Deep Purple, Caravan Palace, Annie MacRonnie Size, Basement Jax, The Prodigy, Seether, DJ Yoda, Grand Master Flash, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Sugar Hill Gang, Sick Puppies, Pop Evil, Jaguar Skillz, Oasis, Jay-Z, Sub Focus,  Chase & Status, Jamiroquai, Led Zepplin

How Did This Site Come About?

About 4-5 years ago I decided a normal 9-5 job wasn't for me and I decided to get into contracting.   One of the things I realized pretty quickly is that when it came to applying for the most well paid contract, I was competeing against the best talent in the UK.  I've never had the type of personality to sit back and hope that things would go my way, so I decided to start a blog to hopefully make me shine a little bit brighter when I interviewed compared to my peers.

The first version of this website was a pretty quick and horrid single HTML page with my portfolio on it.  This evolved into a Wordpress site with a free theme a few months after.  The first few posts I wrote were pretty random and pretty shit.  I'd write maybe one or two posts every month, on all sorts of shit, ranging from thoughts on books, rantings.  

Whenever I got stuck on a work problem and couldn't find a good answer on Google, I would write a tutorial explaining how to solve the problem.  At the time I probably had 10-20 visitors a month to my site.  When I started writing tutorials, things started to pick up.  Over a long period of time, the amount I wrote increased and a number of people who visited the site increased.  Month after month this site seems to keep on growing.  This year alone 1,000,000 pages views will occur.  One million is a big difference to the 50 I had in the first year!

Now I spend a lot of my time thinking about new and improved ways to help people all over the world build websites.  Deep down we're all techies and I still enjoy hearing about your projects, problems and how you solved them.  

I definitely have big plans for the future for this site and there are always new things being added, if you're new to this site then I'd recommend joining the newsletter, or, getting one of my free guides first.



Things I'm Proud Of

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