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How To Deploy Your Umbraco Website To Production

In this video, I give some tips on how you can deploy your website to a production website. If you are manually copying config and files to servers then you are doing it wrong. Umbraco makes automatic deployments super easy and simple. You can use ei[...]

Tips On How To Scope An Umbraco Website

This weeks question was asked by an Umbraco freelancer called Tom. Tom has lots of development experience but his client has asked him to pop in and help them scope up a project. In this episode, I talk through the process I normally use when I'm on[...]

How To Easily Create A Blog Within Umbraco

In today's episode, you will learn about an amazing Umbraco package that will allow you to quickly set-up and create a blog within Umbraco, Why to write all the code to add a blog within your Umbraco website when you don't need to? The package in qu[...]

Step By Step Guide On How To Upgrade Umbraco

In this post, you will be given a step-by-step guide of the process I use to upgrade Umbraco.  This guide contains a checklist that will walk you through all the steps that you will need to follow to ensure a successful experience.  The reason I'm w[...]

Umbraco Vs Kentico Vs DNN - Which CMS Should You Learn?

I received an email this week from some called Nicola. Nicola was in a situation similar to mine a few years ago. She has experience with commercial CMS systems, however, she now wants to learn something that will help her earn some freelance money. [...]

Should You Keep Your Umbraco Website Patched?

One of Umbraco's main strengths is having a great core team that releases constant new patches and updates.  This means that when you log into your Umbraco backend, you'll be prompted to upgrade on a very regular basis. If your anything like me, it's[...]

Should You Specialise in Umbraco Development?

I received an email recently from a reader asking if career-wise, it's a good choice to learn and specialize in Umbraco.  The chap's quandary was basically, is it better to be a generalist web developer compared to being a specialist in one particula[...]
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